Where my fond. Fonda. Some bars and accommodations of Salento. Quindío. Salento is a Colombian municipality in the department of Quindio. Called the father of Quindío for being the oldest municipality of the department, is known as the National Tree township Cradle "The Palma de Cera" has a wide variety of tourist attractions including Cocora Valley where you can find a landscape full of nature and ecological walks and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this town. Under an agreement by the Honorable City Council, was taken as the founding date of January 5, 1851 Every year they celebrate the traditional festival of its founding aniversarias between two and 12 January. The average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius and has an approximate population in the urban than 3000 residents and 5500 rural inhabitants. Salento is located north of the city of Armenia to nine miles along the right bank (Posada German) of the road that leads to Armenia Pereira, after leaving the highway for a stretch of road in very good condition in a way other nine kilometers. Architecture is distinguished by its square, and its old houses in adobe and clay walls, for the kindness and gentleness of its people, its beautiful scenery and excellent climate. Navarco paths: A path that has 23 tributaries of Water, 2 rivers called Navarco of which the village derives its name and Boqueron delimiting the sidewalk in its northern part. It has a very extensive nature reserve wildlife in it will be built soon Quindío the water reserve. It has a school called Children of hope built on an Indian cemetery. The average temperature is 6 to 18 degrees Celsius.