Salento's central square at dusk. Quindío. Ecotourism attractions SALENTO COCORA VALLEY Located north of Salento between 1,800 and 2,400 meters., Its name means Star Water is the natural habitat of the wax palm, where the environment is MORROGACHO HILL: Centre of different ecological habitats, as well as in surrounding cemeteries have been discovered some Indians made up graves cancel, which is also found in the Acaime Nature Reserve, on the road leading to the biological station Star Water, which offers the course called "Path of the Tombs. " QUINDÍO RIVER AND RAILWAY BRIDGE EXPLANEACIÓN Quindío The river rises in the wilderness of Romerales, at an altitude of 4,000 meters, covers a stretch of 71.3 km Crossing the department in the northeast and the bridge is located in the village Boquía under structure are Boquía the river, which drains to river Quindío, built in 1948, was part of a large project, which sought to communicate via Buenaventura with Bogota and Armenia to Ibague. LAKE CHARM At an altitude of 3,880 meters, between the Paramillo Quindio and Nevado del Tolima, is an ideal place to camp and rest before embarking on the journey to the nearby snow capped mountains. PALM WAX QUINDÍO National Tree of Colombia, Law 61 of 1,985 lives in the high Andean forest or cloud forest, is the highest in the world and it grows at higher altitudes. BIRDING Salento offers an interesting route that allows the observation of birds. Contact: Phone (6) 7592252 Cel 311 3122566 - 311 7699190. FESTIVALS AND EVENTS PARTY OF SALENTO ANIVERSARIAS - 1 to 8 January: its main events are: Coroteo peasant rajaleñas contest, mule contest, parade of classic bicycles, riding, popular festivals, kingdoms, others. NATIONAL TREE DAY - 16 September: Quindio wax palm. Reforestation with Wax Palms, protocalerio event in the Plaza de Bolivar, complete with recreation sports and culture. EASTER: proceiones and religious acts, tinged with an appropriate cutural programming. LIVESTOCK SHOW: Held in October, with exhibits of cattle, striking competitions and sale. CRAFT SHOW: year-round in the Salento ROYAL STREET. OTHER ACTIVITIES: every Friday throughout the program deporteando Bolivar Park and Wednesday is celebrated cinema park. CRAFTS: there are in the main square and along the Calle Real, a large and varied range of colorful and attractive handicraft stores and workshops, highlighting work in wood, bamboo, natural fibers, textiles, jewelry, candles and painting among others. HORSEBACK RIDING: aniversarias and festivities during the weekends throughout the year. Salento is one of the most important deals Quindío for nice rides in its nature trails and beautiful scenery. There are several companies specializing in the area that offer affordable, rental of horses with expert guides.