Fonda de los compadres. Some bars of Salento. Quindío. Salento is tucked between mountains coffee, palm wax, clear rivers and fog at the top expel the snowy peaks. It is a harmonious place for the journey without haste and with the certainty that everything that makes up what is a reason and reason, that talking about the houses, church and all the buildings of the town, the natural attractions, are gifts of life not explained, and have started a few miles below where the access road off the Highway Café. This deviation to the right internal curvilinear path lush valley formed by the river Quindío and sides where this is discovered yet clear, it appears the village of Boquía, a foretaste of what lies ahead. In this village on the roadside, the first Gentile parishioners and some typical tourist lodges, simple but wrapped with greenery. These sites are there because room is needed, and the guard station to commune with the environment, people and let her warm voice, tinged with fruit trees, stays quiet reverie that raise. Salento is beginning to live with all the ingredients of a life as natural as green emanating from the earth and the waters coming down the hills. And again the traveler is on the roads of the township, there for the Calle Real and others are other tourist lodges. The emulated frame colonization of Antioquia, whose corners of adobe, bamboo and flowers are accomplices of butterflies and birds that come to cheer rout day. This show is to appreciate the moments of rest or at the first moments of the morning, because outside there is plenty to do: in the central square, including local crafts and cuisine of the Calle Real, in the gazebo at the end of the long stairs or in the majestic valley of Cocora.