Sedate pace in the central square of the population of Filandia. Quindío. Filandia peoples is another favorite for visitors because of its tranquility and the beautiful architecture of the colonization of Antioquia. The story goes that Philip Melendez, an old settler, founded the town in company with several friends and baptized with the mixture of Latin row (daughter) and English landia (Andes). Filandia: daughter of the Andes. It is located north on Highway Department Coffee, which must turn left at the km 20 and then take a narrow paved road and about 7 km. This last stretch is between farms and nature reserves in Bremen and Barbas, which in turn create a striking landscape for its verdure and fertility. The place is set on a plateau, location from where there are several of the neighboring municipalities. This destination also offers friendly and charming character of the inhabitants, many workers in the coffee, the first product of the municipality and cause the creator of culture that exists in every corner. Many of these farmers, to end their days, gather in the square and in public to share experiences with commentators inside and outside.