Three grandparents talk in the central square of the population of Filandia. Quindío. Finlandia is one of the prettiest towns of Quindio, called by many "Hill Illuminated" welcomes you and invites you to visit all the tourist stronghold, environmental, landscape, history and architecture with which account. Filandia and is considered a cultural and environmental heritage of Colombia, covering a diverse range of goods such as landscapes, historic sites and urban centers, with their ancestors past and present. It also reflects and expresses the long processes of cultural development and provides the essence of the various regional and national identities continue in the balance of who we are as we go through times when local cultures should be strengthened from the reflection, contextualizarnos so firmly in the contemporary world and defend, cherish, save and preserve our heritage, in this case, considered one of the biggest attractions of the municipality. Moreover, it is worth noting that Filandia has established itself as tourist spot visited by people who are in this town Quindiano a really beautiful place to enjoy, where its rich heritage is also the warmth of its people, beauty landscape, the architectural urban corners, platforms, balconies traditional color, texture, playgrounds, crafts, history, tradition ... and many other things that only after knowing them and appreciate their magnitude, can be displayed, value, protect and restore our pride and heritage for our children. Come then and know the place that keeps the charm of earlier times, visit Filandia in Quindio and fall in love with her, remember that Filandia is architecture, ecotourism, crafts, landscape, history and tradition ... and has beautiful places to visit and tourist attractions that you'll love.