Fruit stand in central square Filandia. Quindío. The Department has libraries, a newspaper, broadcasting on AM and FM, theaters and various sporting venues. Among the tourist sites representative of the region, include the Gold Museum Quimbaya in Armenia, the National Museum of coffee, in Montenegro, and the coffee basket museum and lookout tower Filandia. Quindio has scenes of great natural beauty, as the Los Nevados National Park, the caves in Genoa, Cocora Valley, where you can see the wax palm, the cascade of Santo Domingo, the forest reserve Navarro, farms coffee that present beautiful contrasts the variety of crops and the design of houses. As for mammals is the spectacled bear, a species in danger of extinction, the howler monkey, sloth bear, wild dog, the agouti black, páramo tapir, rabbit savanna, the cunt, squirrels, among other. CRAFTS TO BUILD AND WEAVING Watermarks: There are immense wealth in the cultural, from the heritage of our indigenous goldsmith, through the architecture of the settlement reflected in the windows and doors of their peoples, to the craftsmanship that has been developed according the origin of the colonizers. Thus, as found in Armenia, Salento and the Thebaid, delicate lace on fine woods and beautiful baskets made with Finlandia wild vines, much used in collecting and transporting the coffee cherry. Has been increasing use of the bamboo not only in l housing construction and furniture making, but also on different objects with novel designs and creativity that are traded each day more, especially in Cordoba. It also produces silver-Columbian replicas, objects in seeds, beads, beads, clay, ceramic, and a special development is the development of banana guasca objects, to form a wide variety of crafts. To promote this cultural heritage in the Department there are two international exhibitions of handicrafts, in the months of April and October in the city of Armenia.