Filandia is known for its typical architecture balconies Antioquia colony, full of colorful flowers. Today, tourism has become a potential alternative for the development of the Department, which is why today is a tourist destination par excellence and abroad. The economy of Quindío revolves around the cultivation and marketing of coffee, historical ground of the departmental and national economy. This activity is followed by the provision of services, farming and industry. The major agricultural activity in the economy of this Department, its main crop is coffee. Other crops in recent years have increased their production, are: banana, cassava, sorghum, soybeans, beans, corn and cocoa. Livestock occupy a prominent place in his economy, focuses on the breeding and fattening of cattle cattle, pigs, goats and sheep. Exploited gold mineral found in small mines located on the western slopes of the Cordillera Central are also exploited to a lesser extent silver, lead and zinc, in terms of non-metallic minerals are exploited clay, limestone and dolomite. Industrial activity is most important agro-food, as well as apparel, toiletries, while the right road and service structure has enabled the development of trade.