Claudia Café Bar Restaurant One of the cafes located in the central square of Filandia. DINING: punchy beans, served with meat, rice, plantains, avocado, egg, sausage, pork and sweet plantain create this wonder of Bin Huang called kitchen. The trout with fried plantain in Salento is one of the most sought after by tourists dishes. The corn pudding sweetened with panela cheese or aguapanelita are typical drinks, donuts with custard, the solteritas, wafers with cream cheese and figs. The traditional local liquor is aguardiente. TRADITIONAL HOSPITALITY: Simultaneously quantitative and qualitative growth of the service of lodgings, hotels Quindío traditional in recent years has greatly increased. Capacity, estimated at 3,148 beds, is a potential that allows, aside from attending a high flow of tourists at all times, to celebrate major events in the department of economic, cultural and sport, whether at the national and international levels. Similarly the quality of customer service has become, for their efficiency and kindness, a factor that strengthens the development of tourism in the region. In Quindío find hotels for all tastes and all financial possibilities, from simple and austere to those that offer large and beautiful building, sustaining, in its design and its conveniences - and stars to rate their performance - the outstanding service and hospitality.