Shopping basket roadside in Filandia. One of the most important traditions of this land are typical of basket weaving factories that have become one of the most important cultural heritage of the area. In the same way leading to the viewpoint is the San Jose or artisans where you can live the experience of knitting and know the different types of baskets by usage: catcher or collector, tanker, seed or planter; scrubber bagacero, pineapple, or Cerecero Cascarero and the Wardrobe, and other crafts in the same material. These spectacular works of the craft are made in different varieties of vines that are at the confluence of the Bun, The Oak and the area of Manzano as the droll, tripaperro, atacorral, cucharo, basket, chagualo, Rosewood, three edges, yule, sortijo, Chipalo, green, black, among others. In honor of these artisans every two years running the Basket celebrations as a tribute to all those who weave in addition to these elements, tradition and customs to their land.