Two tourists on the lookout Filandia. The small town of Filandia be seen behind them. Circassia, Pereira, Salento, Quimbaya, Armenia and the municipalities of Caicedonia, Carthage, and Saudi Ulloa, Valle del Cauca are some of the places that tourists and residents can see Filandia climbing about 19 meters high is the viewpoint ecopark of Illuminated Hill. With only 3 thousand dollars and a willingness to climb stairs, visitors will enjoy varied and beautiful landscapes, one of the wonders that make up Quindio ecotourism. From the top of the structure that was developed in mangrove Zapan Chanu and there is a body of water produced butterfly-shaped and stained glass as a tribute to the thousands of species of this type that are evident in the zone. Also, since there is not only territorially but also allows the option of distinguishing detail the wildlife on a scale of great height, as well as giving visitors the opportunity to observe the boundaries with neighboring municipalities. Those wishing to know this new attraction, and traveling from Armenia should go on the road to Pereira on the highway Coffee tour that lasts about 20 minutes. From there he turns in the area known as Las Cruces to make entry into the rural part of the municipality. After passing the main park is sought Quimbaya road leading to and within five minutes you can glimpse a stunning work of architecture that is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm . Echo park project initiative was conceived with the eco-park gazebo Illuminated Hill was the realization of a large tourism project with representative aspects of the region. Although so far only the first phase is ready for a future is thinking about running eight cores there. Parking, concierge with box office, cubicle for monitoring, flag plaza, office building, shops, restrooms and an auditorium or outdoor theater for the presentation of cultural events and the Stay of the Horsemen, the botanical garden in jungle fog, lecture halls, a nursery, were growing, bamboo and wood greenhouse with glass cover, shade house, shed-roofed zâram to protect the flora of the weather-and botanical trail with bridges, farms, gardens, native and other aspects are first presented in this park. Archaeological ramps will also be taken that show the rich culture of ancient peoples such as the Quimbayas and Pijaos, social recreation building with cafeteria, additional services, games room, playground and infrastructure directly related to the topic archaeological Square the culture of music that is made of bamboo, bamboo and tropical woods, sky, raised in the same species and vine moorings. Also, an artificial lake with recreational moving sculptures powered by alternative energy sources like solar, wind, gas or water.