One of the craftsmen of Filandia prepares a basket. Filandia Township is located in the department of Quindio, which together with Caldas and Risaralda belongs to the Andean region in particular to the coffee. Basketry in Filandia has been one of the most representative expressions of the region, hence the importance of preserving the tradition that besides being a way to financially support groups, represents a legacy of knowledge handed down from generation to generation. In addition to its traditional wealth, Filandia is characterized as a source of water and environmental resources, has a great variety of flora and fauna. Along with gubernamentalescomoelIAvH intituciones and entities, laCRQ ylaalcaldíadeFilandialosartesanoshanparticipado of co-management plan where the plant material the use of forests as the vines is done in a sustainable way, this to ensure the survival of several species. The vines made natural material have, ties that bind and composition with its natural origin, are characterized as a feedstock flexible and strong, very pliable for weaving; The different shades communicate and test a particular feature, each vine is a distinct entity when used in basketry generates unique products.