River "Up" in the Valley of Cocora. This route is one of the most frequented by travelers who arrive at Quindío looking for one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia and the stunning valley of Cocora. Note that the basic plan is to reach the valley of Cocora, which can be done easily in one day, if it decides not to sleep in any of the inns and hostels in Salento, which is also a recommended plan. On the other hand, if you're planning an expedition to the National Park of Los Nevados know to have more than one day. Turning Towards Salento Many surprises and attractive point to the route, so that the output should be earlier in the day. Taking as starting point the city of Armenia, seeks Coffee Highway heading towards the city of Pereira. Initially there are 16 km dual carriageway by a first class transit between coffee plantations, farms and country condominiums, is a landscape that constantly shows the central mountain range to the right. M to 16 km as a reference, a restaurant called Mirador del Quindio, and as its name implies, is a good place to spot from a distance the town of Salento that stands on a small plateau. By the way, take the opportunity to take photos of the same Central Cordillera. On the right side, at km 17, the deviation appears to Salento. Curved road is a paved path leading down to the river Boquía and Quindío. Precautions are driving slowly because the road is narrow and winding. After 7 km, you reach the village Boquía, the largest of Salento, characterized by several inns and restaurants is just stop and enjoy a real breakfast paisa. When finished, walk the site and close to the historic bridge known or Amparo's Grading, a former railroad bridge national monument, any resident will tell you where that is. In Boquía many campers are several places to stay overnight, and small tourist lodges. A few meters ahead, on the same road, are the clear waters of the river Quindío, as referred to in passing by the bridge that crosses it. This tranquil setting and pure is the preamble to the people of Salento welcomes the visitor, after it has weathered several curves on the rise.  


Una de las multiples haciendas construidas a modo de castillo en el trayecto en bicicleta de Fontevraud a Saumur. Veinte kilómetros más de bicicleta desde Fontevraud y llegamos a las puertas de Saumur, una pequeña ciudad a las puertas del Loira. De esta ciudad destacan sobretodo la calidad de sus vinos, sus caballos y sus champiñones, aunque el castillo medieval que puede observarse desde cualquier punto de la ciudad también merece muchos elogios.