Playing cards in the Cocora Valley. Salento and Valle de Cocora. Salento. Amid the stunning mountain landscape of Quindio, is called "Father of Quindío Municipality" Salento. Within 40 minutes of Armenia taking the road to Highway Café Pereira, and then a detour to the right at kilometer 16, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the superb landscape that frames the mountains of the department. The village appears in the midst of stunning mountain after climbing a rural area, with its colorful houses with large balconies adorned with flowers, this place falls immediately to its visitors. One of the main attractions in Salento is called Calle Real, which has a number of typical buildings that extend to the steps leading to the gazebo, which offers a wonderful panorama of what the coffee landscape and breathtaking beauty Quindiano enclosing the Cocora Valley. Meanwhile Cocora Valley is an area of amortization of the National Park of Los Nevados, located 11 kilometers from the municipal capital of Salento. This valley is divided by the river Quindío and that is where the slopes begin to rise leading to Nevados National Park, and is also the birthplace of the national tree, the wax palm of Quindio. Salento and Valle de Cocora are a natural paradise that no one can miss, this area can enjoy hiking, horseback riding or traveling in traditional Willys. In Agriturismo and Landscape help you choose the best destinations for your vacation, contact us now.