River "Up" in the Valley of Cocora. To reach Cocora take a road that is paved the first section, about 8 km from Salento, then they are about 4 km of unpaved road, but passable. The station must is the site called The trout, which comprised several star restaurants and their menu: trout. Either is very good option for lunch. Some have cafes, crafts, playground and camping area. Here we can see the famous wax palm, Colombia's national tree whose height exceeds 60 m. The trout is where you choose between different paths for pleasant walks that ascend to the mountain, or demanding journeys like that makes Morrogacho. These routes also enjoy horseback riding through the direction of cloud forest reserves, Heritage Green or Water Star, the more eco-tourist attractions. The rides last from one to eight hours. We must be attentive detailing the environment, among other things, being a crucial corridor for bird watching. The landscapes and scenery seen on the trip are the same framework for the way back. In return you have to resolve issues left open in the outward journey: the consumption of an exclusive trout with mushroom sauce, a giant fried plantain, a aborrajado merengón or a banana and cheese sandwich. Also the purchase of handicrafts on the streets of Salento Real or around town aboard a crowded Yipao or on horseback. With the best memories from this locality expect 25 km back to Armenia.