Landscape by the National Park of Los Nevados. The National Natural Park encompasses one of the Nevados of the mountain complex of Colombia. Located in the Midwest, has five snow: the Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado del Cisne, Nevado de Santa Isabel, Nevado del Quindio and the Nevado del Tolima, making it one of the sites most tourists want to visit. The park covers 58,300 hectares and its visitors can enjoy: the Nevado del Ruiz at 5,300 meters, the Nevado del Tolima at 5,200 meters, the Nevado Santa Isabel to 4,950 meters, the Nevado del Cisne at 4,800 meters, the Nevado del Quindío to 4,800 meters, the Laguna del Otún at 3,900 meters, the Hot Springs Ruiz at 3600 meters, the Hot Springs Ranch at 2600 m and the Cascade m.s.n.m. Gualí to 4000, among others. The park has two camping areas established, one located in Los Arenales del Ruiz and the other in the area of Lake Otún. Those wishing to visit should wear proper clothing for cold weather, waterproof, flashlight, hat, rubber boots, hat, scarf, wool gloves, sunglasses with UV filter and trash bags. In the park there is no provisioning site. Those who go camping, carry the whole team for high mountain and gas stove. To ascend to the peaks, plus a special permit required, bring the proper equipment. If there are people in the group who do not have enough experience is better to have a specialist guide in the mountains. More information on the Special Administrative Unit of the National Park System, the Ministry of the Environment, located in Bogota (Carrera 10 No. 20-30 Floor 4. Phones: 2431634 to 2433095).