Cuttings silver coffee maker at the Hacienda San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). In the process of getting a great cup of Colombian coffee to millions of consumers in the world is not easy. From tree to cup required the effort and dedication of hundreds of thousands of families producing coffee in Colombia whose plot sizes are smaller than two hectares. Additionally, the joint effort of the people who are dedicated to the work of threshing, transport and storage of coffee, as well as its industrialization and distribution of 100% Colombian brands, make the difference to bring consumers around the world an outstanding coffee . Behind the Colombian coffee is however not only a continuing effort to support the quality, there is a little known story of how people of coffee in Colombia came together to overcome challenges and find common goals that could not achieve individually. The land of coffee in Colombia not only stands out for its extremely favorable conditions to produce a coffee of high quality mountain: and logistical challenges imposed also favored the need to seek strategies that benefited rural communities and their quality of life. Thus was born the union about the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) and its various sustainability programs in action. Those who enjoy consuming 100% Colombian coffee know that behind a high quality product is a joint effort and values of sacrifice, honesty and collective action that make the product not only 100% from the viewpoint of the origin and quality, but make it ideal for people 100% that exists throughout the world.