Coffee plantations at Hacienda San Alberto coffee. (Buenavista, Quindio). Most of the brands that are bought in a supermarket or served in an office consisting of blends of various origins, with different levels of quality, whose true origin is unknown. A mark of 100% Café de Colombia is guaranteed because it contains only "the best coffee in the world" without coffees from other origins mixed in it. The Café de Colombia is thus a source found in numerous brands of coffee. Demanding consumers around the world are aware of the importance of the origin of coffee they consume. It is further known that coffee is more than a drink and the place of production of coffee is the main determinant of the quality of the coffee consumed. Thus, roasters and brands customers 100% Colombian Coffee, not only are committed to providing its customers and consumers with Café de Colombia superior, but the Colombian coffee growers share their most cherished values: authenticity, spirit of hard work and dedicated to producing top quality coffee from the land of coffee. Share, in other words, values and personality of the character of Juan Valdez. In the world of Colombian coffee is recognized as a superior product that has become a world leader. Behind the Café de Colombia is a producer organization unique in the world dedicated to improving the quality of life of coffee communities with ambitious sustainability programs in action, which seeks to guarantee the quality, authenticity and consistency of the tree to the cup, and strives to provide customers and consumers a guarantee of origin. Millions of consumers, brand distributors and hundreds of thousands of producers share these values and interests, forming social networks dedicated to show that the values of the producers are 100% compatible with coffee people living in the Colombian Andes. Both the Colombian coffee growers and eaters Colombian coffee in the world, really are 100%.