The carrier Marco Fidel Torres is practically a copy of the advertising of Juan Valdez cafes. Marco Fidel Torres, a true exponent of the mule. You can find and chat with him in the Cocora Valley. Is an expert. Reaching this amazing place is easy. From Armenia can take a bus to the town of Salento, these are available all day, as the influx of tourists is very high, people who come to see the amazing forest comprised of palms, or groups of persons intending to reach the park of nearly 8 h snowy road. Back in Salento should take a Yipao or yipeto, very common and representative of all the coffee, which will transport you into the valley. The area, one of the most beautiful in Colombia for its exceptional coffee landscapes, with fifths of clear and colorful colonial architecture, has become one of the country's most suitable for ecotourism, so it's easy to find farms that can be rented or restaurants-farm which offers trout grown in the area, which is another of the predominant economic activities. From there begins the journey to the cloud forest, a huge valley, populated only by palm wax, which will guide the traveler, as a silent guardian, to the first hills that herald the arrival and cloud forest, and where the traveler, depending on your physical reserves and curiosity, has to decide whether to go or stay, as the topography becomes increasingly broken.