Coffee plantations near the town Buenavista. Quindío. CAFE DE COLOMBIA is the name that is given to the 100% Arabica coffee produced in the coffee regions of Colombia, bounded between North latitude 1 ° to 11 ° 15 West longitude 72 ° to 78 ° and specific ranges of altitude that can overcome 2,000 meters above sea level (masl). It arises from the particular combination of factors related to latitude and altitude of the land of coffee in Colombia, their soils, the botanical origin of the species and varieties of coffee produced, climate characterized by the double passage of the Intertropical Convergence Zone The changing topography, light, favorable range of temperatures, adequate quantity and distribution of rainfall during the year and common cultural practices that include selective harvesting processes and transformation of the fruit by its benefit, washing and drying. These factors, together, lead to the production of an outstanding coffee, soft, clean cup with relatively high acidity, balanced body, pronounced aroma and an excellent sensory profile. Furthermore, the strong tradition of selective collection of Café de Colombia, the process of post harvest benefits or the wet, the drying process and subsequent classification by threshing, ensuring optimal product quality. The Café de Colombia coffee is certainly a remarkable, not only for its combination and balance of quality attributes, but by the union of the Colombian coffee growers around the National Federation of Coffee Growers, to carry out a consistent effort from that coffee arrived in Colombia as a nice story until the instruments were developed product support from tree to cup. Behind the product Café de Colombia have joined not only producers but brand owners 100% Colombian who are aware of the importance of coffee origin not only from the standpoint of quality but from the standpoint of social and environment. For those who process, distribute and consume Colombian coffee is evident that the product must also have a guarantee of origin â "€ to ensure that actually come from the land of Cafea" € be produced and marketed under the values of honesty, hard work and welfare for the producer, who is immersed in sustainability programs in action. Thus, consumers who appreciate coffee as much more than a drink, found that consuming 100% Colombian coffee not only allows them to access a world leader in the beverage world, but to share their values and interests in innovative communities that allow them to live their lives 100%.