The canons of Barachois. Le Barachois is the northernmost district of Saint-Denis, the capital of the island of Reunion, a French overseas department in the southwest Indian Ocean sea. This is also the center of which the city grew. To the west cliffs along the current route of the Coast, the small bay that gives the Barachois once served as merchant ships to the port. The site is now home to many companies and governments, including the Prefecture of La Reunion. In fact, it is in a place where a statue of Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais and square called Mahe Labourdonnais throne in his honor. The square, in whose center is occupied by misfortune, parking spaces, with trees on the perimeter, some endemic (LATANIERS red), which is a paradise for lovers of puzzles and croûteurs. Since it is next to the Hotel de la Prefecture, the arrival point demos of all kinds, which usually leave the roundabout in the Garden State and through the streets of Paris. Since the 2000s, everyone receives a Christmas village for the holiday season approaches. However, the Barachois is best known for the team found a little further away from the coast itself: its battery of cannons pointing out to sea from Point Gardens, from which distances are measured mile that separates the island from the rest the world. There is also a statue of Roland Garros pressing a propeller, a tribute to the aviator and inventor réunionnais.Le place is also popular among tourists and honeymooners, who come to take a picture at sunset. Further east, the Barachois also houses a bowling alley and a concrete pool built in 1959. Designed by Guy Lejeune, then its modern architecture symbolizes the strength of the new department. This group should be restored into dance bar.