Saint Denis is the capital of Reunion Island and one of the must see places. It is small, modern and cosmopolitan, and is recommended to visit on foot. The route begins in the lower area of ??the city: the Barachois, a promenade filled with cafes. It is a modern, chic, and relatively expensive. Do not leave the area without visiting the prefecture. From there, it is advisable to go to the top aimlessly loitering leisurely. As a guide, after visiting Barachois can follow Victoria Street, where you will find old buildings and the headquarters of the East India Company (from here guided tours usually start in case you are interested). In his walk is a must la Calle Paris with Creole houses, the old hotel, which has undergone a long restoration, and gardens, the large covered market, on the street and boulevard Marshal Leclerc Luciano Gasparin, that all day except Sundays, offers a taste of the variety of crafts from this area, and the cathedral of Saint Denis. Behind the city rise up some hills from which you can get an overview of Saint Denis, and are the starting point for excursions to peak Ecrite Roche, sometimes hidden in the clouds. It is recommended that this sunrise tour.