A fisherman in the port of Saint Leu. La Réunion left the Indian ocean bottom. The first foundations of the island was formed about 67 million years ago during the last activity of the ridge of the Mascarene Basin. While entering a hotspot activity and gives rise to an enormous basaltic socket forming the current Deccan India. Much later, due to the slow drift of tectonic plates, this hot spot is going to drill the ocean floor east of Madagascar to form, first, the island of Mauritius and after the Meeting. The Meeting emerges from the waters made between two million and a half and three million years. The primitive volcano peak of the island, Piton des Neiges, ceased trading about 12,000 years ago. The fact you have emptied your deposit magmatic followed the collapse of the roof and the birth of the calderas or depressions surrounding: Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate, limited by impressive cliffs. However, before finishing his activity had already occurred today the first eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise (Peak of the Furnace) southeast. Both the "Piton des Neiges" as the "Piton de la Fournaise" are Hawaiian-type volcanoes, producing less violent lava fountains. The fluidity of the magma allows gases out easily. The rock is a basalt issued numerous translucent olivine crystals, bottle green. About this material are developed various types of soils as a function of topography and climate. The island is sinking more than 4000 m. low sea level and the ocean the total circumference of the volcano is 700-800 km. The Fournaise volcano has an intense volcanic activity erupts on average once a year. Every time that happens, thousands of people come with their cars to the point where the rash is visible, forming huge queues on the roads. Until recently, the authorities did not take excessive restrictive measures to prevent the people to approach the tongues of lava and formed real parties and "ing" on it. Today accesses are much more controlled.