Bars near the port of Saint Leu. Surely one would find other attractions in the city, but is waiting for the rest of the island, and there are many undiscovered island, so you have to take the road. And choosing where to start is not easy. Meeting have a more natural diversity of a continent own a small piece of land surrounded by water. In this mountain inn on the sea, deserts shake hands with tropical forests and alpine. The massive volcanic lava rivers and gorges share the stage with waterfalls, black sand beaches and forests of tamarind. And mangoes from India, China lychees, vanilla Central American and South African geraniums carpeted valleys and plantations becoming Meeting in a botanical garden happy. It is said that the island emerged as a botanical experiment, which were ship captains who adorned it with fruits from around the world. And while that four centuries ago, when the East India Company was mistress of the seas, the mixing of essences remains present and the choice becomes complicated. In short, the island has three faces: the lush interior divided between lush forests and volcanoes circuses almost touching the clouds, the sea, which from time to appear soft beaches protected by barrier reefs, but predominantly cliffs, and the Southern Wild, where the wild seas stamp its waves against the rocks and causing the foam is mixed with plumes of lava flows on contact with water.