Port of Saint Leu. The island of Reunion is part of the Mascarene archipelago, along with the island of Mauritius (200 km to the east) and Rodrigues (much further away to the east), the largest of them all. It is located to the southwest of the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. Madagascar is far from 700 km to the W and France, called here "Métropole" (metropolis), about 10000 km. straight. It is located at 21 degrees south latitude and 55 degrees east longitude, between Ecuador and the Tropic of Capricorn, 300 km. north of the tropics. It has an almost elliptical and an area of ??2512 km. square, ie 475 km. larger than the island of Tenerife. . Its perimeter is 207 km. Of volcanic origin, its terrain is very rough due mainly to the combination of two influences: the erosion and volcanism. Of the coast of the island just 30 km. beaches are mainly in the southwest. Presents a barrier reef about 25 km., Especially on the west coast. In the sea have to be careful with the waves, high frequency, and with currents ranging out to sea. In the most popular beaches are about the same and tips if you look dragged by some. Do not swim beyond the reef, shark territory, but it's all a show to do on corals with a mask and snorkel careful, though, not damage them. So not advised flippers. Already badly damaged areas. In the center of the island there are three peaks of almost 3000 m., Being the highest (3070 m.) The "Piton des Neiges" (Pico de las Nieves). They are surrounded by three boilers or deep basins called "cirques". The island has a peculiar relief that comes from the presence of these "cirques", the result of massive subsidence, with rugged mountains, ridges and edges sharp and short and torrential rivers. The deep crack mountain ravines. To the southeast lies the "Piton de la Fournaise" (2631 m.), One of the world's most active volcanoes.