Pineapple fields located along the road from Cambopurg. The Reunion Victoria pineapple is considered one of the best in the world. The word is derived from pineapple nana, which means fragrant in the language spoken by the Guarani Indians, natives of Paraguay. The Spanish called this fruit pineapple because it looks like a pine cone. The English language has remained the reference and appoint pineapple. Monocot Ananas comosus plant belongs to the family of bromeliads. Pineapple grows from a very shallow root system and brittle (root). It is mostly found in the first 15 cm of soil. The plant is characterized by a large rosette of fleshy, sometimes prickly, the youngest in the old town and goes wide. With the exception of the youngest leaves, all are pineapple leaf shaped gutter. On the underside of the leaves, there is a recovery squamous allowing absorption of mineral salts dissolved therein and water. The inflorescence on the cob, thick shaft, appears from the terminal bud of the stem, which appears in the center of the rosette of leaves. In this inflorescense There are just over 8 flowers open at the same time. therefore, the bloom lasts for 20-30 days as all flowers do not open at the same time. The flowers are hermaphroditic and autostérieles. The flower has three sepals and three petals, six stamens, an ovary with three boxes covered with thin style with a stigma into three branches. The ovary also contains three nectar glands leading to style base. Each flower has a bract underneath. After flowering, petals, stamens and style wither. All other parts of the flower will grow to form a parthenocarpic fruits. All these individual fruits are placed side by side pineapple meat whereas inflorescence axis forms the heart. Pineapple is a false fruit is a fruit compound called sincárpico. Outside of the pineapple fruit, a large number of eyes corresponding to the ends of bracts and sepals. There are many eyes as individual fruits. On top of the fruit develops a drink. Pineapple plant is a fruit that gives only 12 to 15 months after planting. The plant produces shoots that will be used for new plantations. Therefore, we should allow 2 years between the production of pineapple in the same plot. Pineapple is a tropical plant that does not tolerate temperatures below 10 ° C. There are many varieties temperatures, the pineapple market in the world is based on a small number of them being the Cayenne, Red Spanish, the Queen and Abacaxi. A Reunion and Mauritius, are grown Queen Victoria (or Victoria), a small soft-fleshed fruit, prickly leaves yellow and very sweet, bright. It is considered the best pineapple. The pineapple was introduced in Bourbon (Réunion) in 1668.