Cyprien Nicolas. Trekking around Grand Etang Lake. Point de vue sur Grand Etang. Here is a different and much sportier to visit the Grand Etang. If two-thirds of the track is a flat area, the last part is more difficult. You can still see around the house Servaux traces of cultures as well as a great airplane, but the area is deserted long time. Now is the area of ??guava and often see people in the Plaine des Palmistes with big cans together to make a delicious jam. Parking is easy to find on the edge of the National. There is limited space, but few applicants for this tour! The start of production is in a stretch of the old road, but it takes imagination to see roll, even in 4x4. Beyond the ruins of the house Serveaux, dense vegetation, especially guava, to become inextricable. But this road is still apparent through increased bed dryer rocky ravine and reach the foot of the Dismal Pond. The climb is severe, but relatively short, slippery and muddy. Then you have come a little in a beautiful forest fanjans to finally reach the top and the view of the lagoon. From the viewpoint, we see to the left a trail that looked like it was going to be used by hunters tangues. The bravest lent to admire the beautiful feet of green branles growing in thick layers of foam, some of which reach several meters in circumference. We can follow the ridge on a good length and get the views of the lagoon which differ from the conventional. This road has been recently recognized by the National Federation of the Blind has confirmed its desire not to do anything to maintain it. Therefore, it will become, like many others, will soon be impossible to find and will be abandoned if we are not more likely to visit. It's a shame because it is a short walk away and offers a beautiful view of the lagoon and Takamaka area.