Elizabeth, owner of Chez Isabel, place in which craft brew and sell perfume. Perfume Distillery & Piton Maido This exciting tour takes you to the heart of rugged volcanic interior of the island before heading to a fascinating fragrance distillery, where you will learn the importance of geraniums in the process of perfume making. Then enjoy shopping time in the beachside resort of St. Gilles popular. WHAT TO VISIT La Petite France Perfume Distillery - Geranium leaves make a delicious when distilled essence creating many popular perfumes. This process, which takes place every two months or so, use 1.500 lbs. leaves to produce only four cups of essence. Geraniums were introduced to South Africa meeting in the 1800s and are a tall plant. Here in La Petite France, you can buy geranium oil. SHOPPING St. Gilles - There will be free time to walk around this popular beach town on the west coast and the souvenir shop. Piton Maido CAMERA - Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the distant Mafate Cirque and the highest peaks of the island, including Piton des Neiges and the plains below. Piton des Neiges volcano is flanked by three worn erosion cirques. A circus is a large caldera surrounded by steep rock walls. WHAT YOU SEE ON THE ROAD From the pier, take a scenic drive along the west coast, passing through the city of St. Paul, where the first inhabitants of the meeting were established in 1646. Ever-changing landscape of the leeward coast is fringed with long ribbons of beaches composed of either white or black sand. The sugar cane fields, geraniums and tamarind come to light, with the characteristic culture change as altitude increases. After Piton Maido photo stop and visit La Petite France, continue to the village of St. Gilles and then back to the dock.