Aymeric. Canyoning in Rio Langevin, next to the waterfall of Grand Galet. Reunion Island is one of the greatest havens with which you can find on earth canyoning. There is much to explore, and what are known as mythical places that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in life. Among all the ravines of the island, stands the Trou de Fer, probably one of the world's most technical descents. So there were Sol Rios, Miriam Lanaspa, Pilar Rojo, Annabella Fairtlough, Dani Martin, Pedro Rincón, Dani Padrós Padrós and Santi, and returned with the "Five Ten" a bit broken and wetsuits with the odd hole. Gone were declines as Takamaka I and III (v4/a6/IV), The Trou de Fer (v7/a5/V, for Bras Mazerin), Fleur Jeunes "integral" (v4/a3/IV), Cap Blanc (v4/a6/V) and Coloscopie (v4/a3/VI). In its activity, it should be noted an unusual decrease of "Trou de Fer" (hell hole) in time and in a team of 8 participants, two national first major canyons (Cap Blanc and Coloscopie), unless the protagonists have knowledge, exploring new places and over 4000 meters of accumulated abseiling. "Many times intense, blind trust with peers, incredible jumps, dangerous water movements, rappels infinite strings madrugones shattered and unusual for a sport considered" quiet ", so are the ravines of the island of Reunion. We stayed in a ravine in the inkwell isolated Mafate circus, maybe in a next time, maybe in the next life, in the end a total of nearly 20 declines were evident in our fatigued bodies ... "