Waterfall Grand Galet. The cascade of Grand Galet or Langevin waterfall is a waterfall on the island of Reunion, a French overseas department in the southwest Indian Ocean. It reports that the municipality of Saint-Joseph, a town of La Reunion is located in the south of the island. Also located on the border of the National Park of La Reunion. River Langevin offers several possibilities all welcome. Bath and picnic are welcome everywhere. A series of basins in the mouth: Mouth Basin, Cuenca Pascal Beef, where cattle used to drink, Tamarin Basin, Benji, the Dinan Basin, Blue, near the dam, and finally pools Jacqueline swallows and Cascades . The road follows the river Langevin is shaded by old lychees, avocados and bananas. In the right amount, the small factory built in 1959 Langevin produces annually 15 million kw / h, and serves the entire region. Several families live in a place called The Pastrelle, name of an ancient bridge made of logs on the river. Above the curve of the road, the magnificent spectacle of The Cascade Langevin, also known as the Great Cascade roller. The waterfall is spread over a large wall and consists of several waterfalls. There are constantly flowing water. Grand Galet, the road goes, a small village with wooden houses.