Interior of restaurant Havis Amanda, one of the oldest and most prestigious of Helsinki, especially in fish and shellfish. Named for the heroic statue woman (the Havis Amanda) which is a few steps from the entrance, this luxury saloon is the finest seafood restaurant in Helsinki. Across the boulevard from the Market Square, which has vaulted ceilings covered with fresh nautical and a sense of calm attractive well-established and well-being. Established in 1973, and after moving to its current location in 2004, the restaurant is proud to serve mainly seafood Finland. Depending on the season, you can enjoy delicacies like soup perch with a crepe stuffed perch, grilled tuna with avocado and citrus, fried whitefish shining prepared to open fire with a puree of peas and carrot sauce and lasagna mushrooms with parsley sauce. Changes dessert with the whim of the chef, but could include a strawberry soup with strawberry sauce flavored Pernod. The service is impeccable.