"Onion and sorrel" one of the delicious dishes offered by the restaurant Spis of Helsinki. Finland, the only Nordic genuinely agricultural combines knowledge of Russian cuisine and Eastern European countries, as well as his own, typical ingredients of Finland and hard to get out of their borders, and a design-oriented mentality that put Finland in the center of the New Nordic Kitchen. Helsinki World Design Capital 2012, has always been characterized by innovative air around it and in recent years, a number young chefs passionate about Nordic cuisine and local ingredients, have established their own restaurants in Helsinki. The design can also be found in food and even more in a dish with ingredients typical of the traditional Nordic cuisine. Helsinki is a compact city, which can be covered on foot. This makes perfect combination of local cuisine with traditional tourism or shopping. Thus, in the tour of the Finnish capital, it's worth visiting one of these new restaurants like Juuri, famous for its Sapas, something that could match our tapas, but the Nordic way. http://www.juuri.fi/en/. Another of these new restaurants to meet essential quality Nordic cuisine is the restaurant Olo. Since opening its doors in 2006 continues to receive rave reviews, culminating with a Michelin star in 2011, and it is known as the "aristocrat" of Scandinavian cuisine. http://www.olo-ravintola.fi/en/home.html For those who prefer to cook with local produce quality Finns, the Eat & Joy is the perfect place to get milk bar and a place worth visit. http://eatandjoy.fi/eatjoy-farmers-market-and-eatjoy-kluuvi-market-hall For those interested, in addition, companies with years of experience in the sector, which are devoted to gastronomic tours the capital can combine gastronomic experience with a visit to the city. For more information: www.foodsightseeing.com