Helsinki. Sauna inside the pool Yrjonkatu (Yrjonkadun Uimahalli, Yrjonkatu 21b, phone 09 310 8740 1) On the other split in the center of the city of Helsinki is called Yrjönkatu pool. Here swimsuits are optional and you mess with or without them. In addition there are sections and also unisex for men or women. The Finns have the feature to enjoy much of the heat and humidity and an average household of a sauna in which to debate usually sit and talk with friends. Sauna in Helsinki is the Kotiharju that it is the only public sauna citywide still heated with a wood stove and one of the few places where you can swim peacefully alongside 30 other people with absolutely no clothing. But this is not the only place where you can stay without clothes, because there are a few nudist beaches in which you can enjoy. One is the Pihlajasaari Beach which is near the city of Helsinki and is located on an island. Here you can enjoy a unisex nudist beach perfect for sunbathing but too rocky to swim. Also near Helsinki Seurasaari but here is not be mixing with people of the opposite sex because your nudist areas.