Helsinki. Outside the small Café Regatta, one of the most visited cafes in town. What could be better on this beautiful Sunday than sitting in a cafe on the beach, drinking your cup of coffee and delicious cakes have Finnish while sunbathing? The best without doubt, the most welcoming and unique to make Regatta Café between Sibelius Monument and the old rowing stadium. Traditional red wooden house next to the water is easy to find. The simple wooden interior gives a welcoming atmosphere immediately. At the counter you homemade Finnish pulla (pastry) and drinks. Prices are reasonable. You have to pay cash, but no longer have a card reader there. If the sun shines definitely should sit on the deck of your dreams. You can take a seat in one of the small tables or sit by the fire light link everyday. Here even invite you to grill their own sausages and meat! Regatta is really worth a visit!