Helsinki. A mythical character of Finnish television fabulous breakfast at Café Regata. Regatta Café is the cutest little cafe in town. This is a small log cabin with room for only about 4 tables inside! When inside you may have the feeling that the place which decomposes in the next few minutes (it will not). The cafe is full of the most unexpected imaginable: old kitchen appliances, musical instruments, old paintings, etc. - is so welcoming and wonderful! Café Regatta makes great cinnamon buns (Korvapuustit), and always come fresh from the oven when orders, it seems! Wintertime is the best place to get warm and summer is ideal to enjoy the grounds, where there are many more options available seats. They have an open fire where you can barbecue your own sausages (sometimes also sold there), even in winter, then you can borrow blankets and pillows to keep them warm! It is just steps from the famous Sibelius Monument, right on the coast, so this is your place to go after the obligatory visit there! They only accept cash, so be sure to have at least enough to try the scones! Regatta Café | Coffee & tea, Snacks | Coffee € 2 Merikannontie 10 | +358400760049 10:00 to 23:00 daily