Helsinki. Boats by the sea outside the small cafe Regatta, one of the most visited cafes in town. Why locals love? Love, love, love this little cute little wooden building right next to the water in Meilahti. Why you should visit The smell of cinnamon buns best of Helsinki (korvapuusti) if you are swirling around inside cozy between Finnish paraphernalia old. If not go outside to enjoy the sun and the breeze on the waterfront terrace expanding. You can even grill your food there. Simply divine. Imagine the smallest point coffee that has a great personality and an endearing character. Satisfy your appetite with delicious cakes and pies Finns and rest your eyes in detail in, out and around Regatta Cafe. Small clues, traces of Finnish humor can be found in the multiple signals that are informative, such as "Dear Thief, we have no beer here", and humorous as "I am a Wallflower" sign that is proudly parked on a wall , under an installation of flower. If you can visit Helsinki time in his life, visited Regatta Cafe. This place brings the best of the Finnish mentality, is peculiar, is serious and change their appearance according to the seasons Finnish, but remains within it, at home. Tip: My 2-year-old son recommends a cup of hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll, both favorites! Regatta Cafe Address: Merikannontie 10, 00260 Helsinki Open Monday to Sunday from 10 pm to 11 am