Two workers inside an old mill in the village of ATBA, located about 11 kilometers from the monastery of Abba Garima. The Ethiopian Garima Gospels are the earliest illustrated manuscripts of Christianity. Experts placed the work in 1100 AD, but radiocarbon dating indicated that the documents were created on a date between 330 and 650 AD. The monastic tradition says that the monk Abba Garima Gospels copied in a day, after founding the Garima Monastery in northern Ethiopia, I grew to Adwa. The two manuscripts are composed of 670 pages in total, 28 of which are illustrated. These include four portraits of evangelists and a drawing of the Temple of Solomon. The manuscripts are written in Ge'ez and have never left Ethiopia. Several experts have carefully considered the Gospels, because the goatskin cover is so fragile that it could break during the exam. A French expert on Ethiopian art was allowed to take two small samples for testing. The tests, combined with some stylistic analysis, suggest that the manuscripts are about 1,400 years old. It is creating a museum in the hope of being able to protect the Gospels while allowing onlookers see them up close.