Some women screened in cereal grains ATBA village. The Teff, the grain arrived from Ethiopia. Teff is a cereal with great future as we will see in this article has some nutritional benefits off the charts that make it special. Source Ethiopia teff is the origin of this very small grain cereal, brown in color which has been cultivated for over 5000 years. One of their most important crops and used in your diet by this country of its grain flour is obtained, with which made the "ingera" a large tortilla type that accompanies the "wot" a typical dish of Ethiopia. Teff has begun to grow and market in other countries around the world due to its easy adaptation to arid and its rapid growth. Properties teff. High nutritional value, being far superior to other cereals such as wheat or barley, providing immediate and lasting life energy. Gluten-free cereal. What makes it ideal for diets with intolerance to wheat or gluten-free diets. Rich in carbohydrate degradation slow release or slow, making it very suitable for high-performance sportsmen have a quick and prolonged need for carbohydrates. Teff is also very convenient for people with type II diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels or for overweight people who want to control their weight, with a high satiating power and appetite regulator. High in fiber and highly digestible. Contains a high proportion of starch that can be ingested slowly, making it very suitable for stimulation of the natural flora of acting as if it were a probiotic. Rich in minerals free as Ca, Mg, Mn and K that help in quick recovery after physical exertion or mental exhaustion. Stresses its calcium content recommended descaling process, osteoporosis and child growth. Source of eight essential amino acids, lysine highlighting, absent or scarce in some cereals such as wheat or barley. Lysine is very important, involved in the metabolic process of Calcium Calcium helping to pass from the bloodstream into the bone structure. Teff nutritional information (per 100 g. Flour)