Near the ruins of Yeha many Christians live in simple stone houses. Coffee and religion are elements that must never miss. Yeha is the country's oldest temple, its construction is dated between the sixth and seventh centuries BC. It was built during the time sabaeana prior to the Axumite, although not much is known about the civilization that built the temple. Recent archaeological investigations have shown that Yeha was an extensive settlement and excavations, still unfinished, found different types of objects such as incense burners, iron weapons and pottery utensils. His condition is quite good and the wonders of its construction is being raised with huge rectangular stone blocks that are attached to each other without using any mortar. In the sixteenth century was built inside the church a Christian church in the early twentieth century was replaced by another, which now stands next to the temple. This church is dedicated to Abune Aftse monk, one of the Nine Saints (The Nine Saints arrived in Ethiopia on the year 480 from Rome, Constantinople and Syria, ended with paganism in Ethiopia, founded numerous monasteries and translated into Ge'ez Bible ). Legend says that Abune Aftse was moved by an angel to Yeha while fleeing from persecution in different parts of Ethiopia.