Interior of an old mill in the village of ATBA, in which cereals into flour. This village is located near the monastery of Abba Garima. About 11 miles east of Adwa is Abba Garima Monastery, which says it was founded by one of the nine saints in the sixth century. The monastery is known for its collection of religious objects, including three of the tenth century gospels Using Adwa as a base, you can visit Yeha and Debra Damo. Yeha is famous for its huge and remarkable temple. According to the German scholar Heinrich Müller, in the nineteenth century, it is believed that the temple dates back about seven or eight centuries before the birth of Christ. This temple is considered the oldest standing building in the country. To the side of this remarkable temple is a church dedicated to Abba Aftse. Aftse Abba was one of the famous nine saints who arrived in Ethiopia in the sixth century, from the Roman Empire to teach the gospel. The church, which shares the same building with the temple, has a rectangular floor.