Water held in mokoros Safari in the Okavango Delta camp starting from Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. Free camping in the middle of the Okavango Delta is an amazing experience. It allows you to be in touch with nature and allowed us to see one of the most incredible sunsets of our trip to South Africa. The special thing about this evening was that we saw from a mokoro in the middle of the calm and clear waters of the Okavango Delta mokoro Botswana.El (makoro mocoro or canoes) is a kayak or canoe was originally made of ebony, although today are fiberglass. Usually led by a guide will (poler) that leads to a pole. It also has room for two passengers and material support for the night in the camp. In our case we sat on mats then helped us to sleep. Tip: If you have the opportunity to choose is important that the poler speak at least some English and is young and eager to communicate. Our experience with these people was really very good, at night by the fire were telling stories and sharing dinner with us on an island in the Okavango Delta. How did we get? We went by plane from the airport Maum, to the airport or better described the Sepupa airstrip. From there by truck to reach the shores of the river to catch the mokoro. I have no words to describe what it means to fly the largest inland delta in the world, but the few I could find and use in Article Flying over the Okavango Delta. The mokoro impressive is the tranquility and silence you closer and see wild animals, we saw hippos, elephants, eagles ... but best of that day was the sunset. As we were going to sleep on an island in tents in the middle of the river, did not need to come back soon to continue the route along the river lost, so we could not stay to see the sunset. Instead of describing you have some photos that speak for them mismas.Baño in the river. The waters are crystal clear and in places with current seems not dangerous to swim as long as the guides or polers so allow. I do not bathe for a chance get coccidia (a parasite Local). They are usually in stagnant water, and mainly in the Zambezi River. Some friend if that bathroom and if I were I would bathe, because I did there as a precaution but a week after rafting on the Zambezi River end I poured in more than 14 occasions, and I think I swallowed so much water that contributed to the drying of the delta