Landscape photographed from a boat during aquatic safari mokoro canoe made starting from mokoro call Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express Camp, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. Before starting, safety measures in case of an unwanted encounter with hippos, buffaloes, lions ... Our local guide that we followed in James to single file, stopping to explain each fingerprint, every bone, every turd and every path were finding. It was like slowly sweep the ground in search of our prey. At the safari we saw a variety of animals, since in those rainy months are scattered remote areas. Oddly enough, the Okavango Delta level is low during the summer rainy season and high in the dry winter. This is because the mass of water drained from the delta, arriving from Angola about six months after he had fallen. That is, water that is raining in the mountains of that country during November to March takes the time to travel the 1,000 km due to the unevenness of only 60m. Before starting the 2 hour hike we saw a fire at a nearby island that would accompany us during the three days. We arrived at the camp with the sun already set, time that hippos began their activity. Dinner was better but still, with food not play. Although our 3 guides told us that the fire could not reach because it separates a channel, I was not all me to sleep peacefully. I would have about 500 meters and at night you could hear burn as if on the same side. Being completely covered channels of vegetation, giving the feeling of uneasiness, that there was no separation between that area and our own. On Monday, following the advice of our guide-leader, we got up at 5:30 am for some breakfast and go to the mokoro to another place, where we would do the next safari. This was the safari which justified the money spent. It lasted four hours and saw zebras, wildebeest, elephants, a group of over 20 giraffes, hippos, ... and so on foot, with no barrier between animals and us. The only bad thing was the intense heat that made those three days, it was horrible. At the turn of safari, James left the leadership to his two young apprentices, who were we also chanting the name of all that is moving our way. Must see as animal life, the less we can be dangerous for them to walk, the more scared and keep their distance. We smelled and remained with her until she ran to get away. But just going with zebras that huge group of giraffes. It also indicates that they are accustomed to vehicles used for safaris. But the feeling of walking in silence and without any motor vehicle is not paid with money. The hike was about 4 hours and during it we went through small sections burned by the fire we saw yesterday and we still looked burn at close range. We returned to camp for lunch and then I began to take a nap. About 17h hopped back into the mokoros to see the sunset between the channels, from the water. Very nice sunset, though I could not place my tripod anywhere or stand up to any photos. At night we could enjoy various kinds of natural lighting. On the one hand, and no light pollution the beautiful sky with its well marked Milky Way and Jupiter, on the other a lot of small insects that emit a flashing light either while flying or standing, also the glow of the fire and finally a storm in the distance. On Tuesday at the same time and after breakfast standing up. This time we started the short walk without using mokora, Nearby the first day. As I supposed, saw fewer animals. A pair of elephants solitary and a group of four hippos in a small lake as highlights. About 9:30 am we were back at camp, too much down time doing nothing. While on one side and I was glad, because the weather was hot without water reserves, better to be chatting or thrown at the store. At 14h and we had it picked up and we were starting back to the Boro season. The trip was somewhat shorter downstream as we would. The hostel guy had the very great idea to bring a cooler with cold drink. So I had a beer with Marcelo back to the hostel and a storm that accompanied us on the last leg. I had to wait, once already in the hostel, to abate the storm to start reassembling the store. At night also dropped some rain, but luckily did not get to test my store Made in China. I did also avoid it, as I always wanted a place covered by a tree and if possible with a little slope. As for the mattress, fully engaged to him, but every night I had to inflate to put up with the hours of sleep. Diana and Chris told me about their visit prior to the Okavango Delta to a salt desert located between Maun and Kasane, specifically had to stop at Nata. This place known as the Makgadikgadi Pans (pan) is located within the national park called Makgadikgadi & Nxai National Park.