Water Safari calls made mokoro canoe camp starting from Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. The waters of the Okavango are swallowed by the arid Kalahari Desert. But before disappearing branch and flood a vast expanse of land forming a delta that is one of the greatest wildlife havens. The sun sets mokoros referred from, the traditional local Boats, while living close the life cycle of every day ... THE DELTA OKAVANGO MOKORO. Sunday was the Lord's day, Mr. Okavango Delta. It is the mouth of a river in world's largest earth. At 8am we were ready to depart for the vast area of ??wetlands and islands, with lots of animal life with 4 (elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard) of the Big 5, missing the rhinoceros. The day before leaving, joined us three more members to the expedition that traveled together during the previous month. Marcelo, a Brazilian who spoke Spanish. Hugo a wanderer and his Spanish bride, of New York. The delta branch that passes in front of Old Bridge Backpackers is called Thamalakane. From the edge of the same hostel we hopped on a boat in the direction of the station boats, called Boro NG32 Boat Station and situated in the village bearing the same name. The trip took almost 1 hour for shallow labyrinthine channels. On the way and just 1km from the exit, stopping to see a crocodile on the bank of feet, an osprey ... Once there, download all the stuff, we present our driver-guides and loaded again the material on our new means of transport, the mokoro. It is so called the canoe used by local people. In that area for years created a community dedicated to a very consistent and respectful tourism with nature. Currently the canoes used are made of fiberglass two seat type "sports stadium bleachers" for 2 passengers, plus the driver placed standing in the back who runs the Venetian-style theme with a long wooden stick. It was like traveling on a rural gondola the Pego-Oliva marsh but a few 16.000km2 area, with more than 150,000 islands and an important animal life. After 1 hour and 30 minutes upstream from the ends of the channels in a first section and open channels between the vegetation in the second half, we arrived at our base camp, an island called Madikudu. In the small boat that we had food, shopping and luggage for the 3-board, so that the water was just over 5cm to get inside. That coupled with the constant jolts that seemed to dump the canoe, I was tense all the way, where the only thing is I would have imported the camera wet. Since the trip more economical hire, food and camping equipment was provided by each. Diana and I went with Chris to buy the day before and to propose a purchase together, I could not say no although I was repenting before have said it .... because the food is not played. After mounting played the lunch shops, and release my menu was bread with peanut butter. For if we stayed hungry were apples. These people have other priorities in life and certainly for mine unfortunately the food was not one of them. At 16h marched to my first walking safari, a unique, authentic and quiet.