A copy of adult elephant wanders near Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswna, in the Chobe National Park. The King will not be able to hunt elephants in Botswana. Botswana, so far the paradise for hunting, prohibit this practice from January 2014 to halt the decline of some species, as announced by the Government of the African country. "I'm sorry, I was wrong and will not happen again." Just in case it gives to repent, from January 2014 will not have the opportunity. From that date, the Botswana government indefinitely suspends hunting of wild animals. Your president wants to halt the decline of some species such as the elephant, which has declined in numbers in recent years, and believes that protecting local wildlife seriously endangers the country's tourism industry, its second largest source of income after diamond sales, with 12% of GDP. Elephant hunting is illegal in many countries in Africa, but not in Botswana. The news has caught traders by surprise and hunting industry in the country. Jeff Rann is the man who accompanied the king in his hunt. 20,000 euros Cobra accompany only the millionaires who will go with him to hunt elephants. He is one of those defenders that they consider this practice to control overpopulation: "We are not doing to their detriment, we try to control their habitat, their condition and give them a better life." Until January 2014, these companies have more than a year to restructure their business simple photographic safaris hunting.