Birds of all kinds roam about Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswna, in the Chobe National Park. Bird watching is a fascinating attraction in the country, Botswana is a prominent home to over 575 species of birds.Gcwihaba Caves is a must in Botswana.Nata Bird Sanctuary is a reserve well preserved, mainly for different types of species of birds and wildlife. Kubu Island is famous for its baobab trees that are also part of the major tourist attraction in Botswana. Victoria Falls is a fascinating attraction to visit in Botswana. It has the best sports adventure activities that you can enjoy participating in the shipment example, the body, canoeing, kayaking, boating rafting.Those bet, fishing, abseiling and water is not really interested in these activities are eligible for nature walks during his visit to different national parks and the magnificent falls. At this point, you will receive the best memories of a lifetime. Many people may wonder what the best time to visit Victoria Falls, this is often dependent on the water flowing over the falls and rainfall in the Zambezi River. Other must-see are horse safaris and elephant,. You will have the opportunity to see a large population of elephants, while enjoying their game takes on the 4 wheel drive. See also other species of wildlife and birds that will make your safari memorable. Returning to the units of the evening is an opportunity, and to take a look at some of the rare animals that can not be seen during the day. Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari Desert extends to many parts of Botswana. It is on record that covers a large percentage of the country. You can find this funny if I told you that you will see different types of wildlife in the desert. However, there are game reserves located in the desert, for example, Khutse Game Reserve Transfortier Kgalagadi Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Activities who become famous in the reserve include guided nature walks, sunbathing, visits the village, along with game drives.