The fishing boats leave and enter the port of Semporna continuously, as do those of transporting divers to Pulau Mabul and Pulau Sipadam. In the diving area Sipadam, suddenly, the sand ends, and a vertical wall collapses in the almost infinite depths, far beyond what our eye can reach, home to thousands of species of plants and animals interact perfect harmony like a symphony musicians. You have to decide what to dedicate because fish are less than one centimeter, and about a shark is going to 3 meters or a giant turtle, and if you're jumping from small to large and vice versa agobiándote and you can just get dizzy . Better concentrate on a big dip, and the next in the small, or vice versa. The break between the first and second dive at Sipadan is done, but on the beach and pier, and all accommodations are closed, with no trespassing signs, and the army is patrolling and housecleaning. There is a little strange to see the colorful costumes of the divers in contrast to those of military camouflage and heavily armed and unfriendly faces, not if they are annoyed by having to protect some foreigners who are going to dive in paradise.