A fishing boat leaving the port of Semporna. In the distance you can see the mosque in Semporna. The only interesting building in Semporna is the mosque, pure white, contrasting with its surroundings, particularly with the market, medium built over the water. The Diving from Semporna options are varied, from the backpacker budget is spent diving and sleep diary for 2 euros, to luxury resorts, some with private island, passing through the strangest place I've dived the SeaVentures mentioned Dive oil platform, which now, instead of extracting oil from the seabed, sent divers to it. Junkie Scuba-diving is the most popular center of Semporna, with attached guest house, you only costs 2 € if you dive with them and 4 € if you stay only. The owner, Tino is a German lover of underwater photography, as evidenced by dozens of high quality pictures hanging on the diving center, and the manager, Ric, a Scot who went on vacation 2 weeks ago and stayed 5 years . For 50 € you can do 3 dives per day, meals included, leaving at 8 am and returning on the 4. The speedboats take 40 minutes to get from Semporna to Mabul, the Sipadan island nearest to accommodation but too aborrotada for my taste, and in 20 minutes you are in Sipadan. The first dive leaves you so stunned that you almost forget to breathe, since only 2 / 3 meters in depth the variety of corals and tropical fish is unique. Although this is not the best time of year, the monsoon still be lurking, visibility is good, between 15 and 20 meters.