A fisherman on a boat in the port of Semporna. Borneo. A khaki patrol boats also at odds among all white. fter the second dive, which has already lost count of the species you've seen, the boat goes to Mabul, where does the third. This immersion is almost always worse than Sipadan because the pressure on the ecosystem of all people housed is very strong and the visibility is always smaller. I recommend it for diving fans who are able to do 5 or 6 dives a day, because the platform has all the advantages of being on a dive boat but none of its drawbacks, even when the wind is strong, it wobbles a bit, but never like a boat. With 5 floors that can accommodate nearly 100 people, just dive suit and put you down in an elevator. Some even intrepid divers throw from the platform into the sea. At the very heart of the platform, placed on 6 huge piles resting on the bottom at 15 meters depth, is enormous variety of wildlife, including fish that did not know, and it seems "impossible", frogfish, Walking with hands instead of fins and looks weird. The platform is near Mabul and other dives are made between Mabul, Sipadan and Kapalai. Kapalai is an island invisible 2 times a day because it is actually a sandbar that disappears at high tide, and she just overlook the huts built on stilts.