Mabul Island offers accommodation to the beach for divers. Close it finds the island of Kapalai dive with several points as the Magic Rock. Small low enough away from the island, if you can call and Kapalai, which really is a small patch of sand in the sea. The low shows two heads, about which the dive, which at times is affected by the current. Table Acroporas extend down the slopes and under these we can surprise big cuttlefish, they expect the night to come out of hiding, they are also abundant leaf scorpion fish, ribbon eels, nudibranchs and flatworms. Mandarin. Just before the resort pier. A small slope gives access to an extensive sandy plain on which find joint isolated reefs and some small remnants of the wreck. Is an immersion of 75% divig muck, but very good, with great diversity of species and many juveniles, such as angelfish. Ghost pipefish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish types, lionfish, etc. But we can also see larger animals such as turtles, Carangidae and sweet lips. Mid Reef. Flat bottom dotted with small mounds covered with small corals, visibility not so good. Moraines of different kinds, various nudibranch frog fish are some of the most common species, not to mention all the typical reef fauna can also be found, such as surgeon fish, angel fish, groupers, stingrays, clown fish and a variety of wrasses noteworthy.