A fisherman in the town of Semporna, the operational base for divers and divers who are diving in Sabah. You can dive in Mabul at Sea Ventures. The name of this dive it is given by the resort mounted on an old oil platform, a unique tourist option very well accepted by the Japan market. The water is very clear and the little light that comes under the platform gives the room a little dark, but it is a compulsory dipping for muck diving enthusiasts, both day and night. You can see huge schools of fusiliers or brunettes huge, but more attractive is much smaller. Toadfish are common, both yellow and red, orange or black, as are abundant juveniles of different species, among which the slender platax, sweet lips and the restless juvenile boxfish, which despite its small size, its yellow livery with black dots, lets not go unnoticed. Crocodile fish are dozens, gobies with their companions crabs, pipe fish of different kinds, eels, snakes and so on that leaves a unique souvenir.