Fishing boats along the pier on Pulau Mabul. Its inhabitants, mostly Filipino immigrants, are engaged in fishing. Diving in Paradise. A dive reef and muck diving, which develops in a small hillside. On the day we watch schools of juvenile barracuda and schools of fusiliers, but also discover striking nudibranchs, ghost pipefish and scorpion fish. At night, the picture changes, and one of the attractions - just at dusk - is the encounter with the Mandarins. Sponge crabs, snakes, turtles, crocodile fish and small crustaceans along the complete sample of what we see. Ray Point Diving. This area is an extension of Lobster Wall, but the wall is transformed into a very steep slope. Not as abundant as in Sipadan, the turtles also tend to hang around this area, but the focus is on smaller life. It is a good place to try to locate stonefish, which blend seamlessly into the interior cracks and crevices. We may also see many nudibranchs, crabs curious, different types of clownfish and a long list of small reef fish.